“The Feuerstein Method aims to help ‘EVERYONE’ and improve how they learn.”

Dr. Reuven Feuerstein

Dr. Reuven Feuerstein (b. 1929, Romania) was an Israeli clinical, development and cognitive psychologist. He is known for his theory of intelligence that states, “Intelligence is not ‘fixed’, but rather modifiable”.

In the current technologically advanced world, children have access to a wide range of information. With the dependency built on gadgets and the utilization of readily available help, the inherent inner intellectual potential is sometimes lost. To address this gap, Dr. Feuerstein developed an educational system called the Feuerstein’s Instrumental Enrichment (FIE) program.

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“The Feuerstein Method aims to help ‘Everyone’ and improve how they learn.”

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The Instrumental Enrichment program consists of a series of non-curricular tasks. Each of these tasks is designed to strengthen learning skills, by various cognitive exercises. There are two sets of Instrumental Enrichment programs:

  • The IE Basic program for young children and low-functioning individuals
  • The IE Standard program, which is used with older children, high-school students, and adult learners of all ages.


As part of an IE session, a trained Feuerstein mediator assists and leads learners in different, either one-on-one or in a classroom setting. This session is led through increasingly complex cognitive tasks and the mediator works with them by stretching their thinking on how to analyze a problem and how to solve a task systematically. Such progressive nature and use of the IE tools allow a learner to progress, as the mediator monitors and tracks and ensures the program is modified to be in accordance with that learner’s developing needs. IE’s style of teaching is termed to be a mediation. This mediation teaches the planned information to a learner in a way that is meaningful, that the students are able to apply the learning in other contexts.
The IE Basic cognitive intervention program for young children and low-functioning individuals comprises of an eleven pencil-and-paper instruments. These instruments are deliberately designed to be free of the specific subject matter. The FIE Basic tasks are intended to enable students to readily transfer their learning to all educational and everyday life situations. These instruments may be taught in a classroom, an after-school enrichment setting, or used as a part of a clinical therapy program. The IE Basic instruments are designed to teach vitally important cognitive strategies. Strategies that enable a student to learn how to gather information, strategize, compare and problem solve. These 11 instruments that make up the Basic Program also teach children cognition behind emotions.

IE Standard, used with older children, high-school students, and adult learners of all ages is a series of structured paper-and-pencil exercises. These exercises gradually increase in levels of difficulty and abstraction. The learning and exercise materials are organized into workbooks called “instruments”. Each of these instruments focuses on a specific cognitive area – analytic perception, comparison, classification, orientation in space and time, and others. The skills addressed may include verbal, mathematical, logical and even emotional skills, depending upon the needs of the learner. The mediator assists the learners through the tasks and helps them develop different strategies for problem-solving and analytic thinking that they can then carry on into the rest of their lives. IE Standard consisting of 14 instruments can be used in a classroom or workplace setting, with small groups of targeted learners, and as a one-to-one therapeutic intervention.

Galaxy Toppers is Canada’s Authorized Training Center of Feuerstein Institute, Israel which offering FIE Training Sessions for School Teachers, Literacy and Math curriculum Advisors, Classroom Teachers, Educational Therapists, School administrators, Tutors, Home school Moms / Dads or Trainers, Parents and any special educators at different training schedules and venues to fit the group’s needs.

We also offer Training to deliver FIE program that helps to:

  • Identify and assess the concerning areas and cognitive skills that are slowing down their students
  • Motivate and strengthen specific ways of thinking in students and to build new thinking habits and solve problems
  • Enhance metacognition in students as they attempt higher complexity problems
  • Develop motivation to learn in your students
  • Aid the transfer of important learning skills to other curriculum areas
  • Improve a student ability to score higher in standardized achievement tests
  • Spontaneously infuse ‘thinking’ language into their conversations with your students
  • Identify learning difficulties or areas of assistance required in a child’s learning process
  • Entrust children with responsibility for a collaborative approach and to find solutions to problems instead of supplying a solution
  • Enhance the cognitive abilities among children and adults with Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Learning disability/difficulty, ADHD, Autism and specific learning disorders