OBotz – A STEM Based Robotics Program for Machine, Electronics & Programming-based learning

OBotz is a comprehensive multi-disciplinary robotics program that is specifically designed with a curriculum to let young children learn about Robotics. STEM-based learning forms the building blocks of the OBotz Robotics program allowing students to think in a scientific way & to evolve technically.

The OBotz program works with hands-on activities to kindle a child’s curious mind. Children are guided as they learn to experiment, be it by innovation or by building robotic models & also machines throughout the course as they complete the 7 progressive levels outlined in the course.

Develops young children into Inventors & Innovating Smart Individuals

Children through OBotz, learn to explore the various possibilities from their imaginations. OBotz students build robots, explore intelligent circuit connections & skilled to build functional models. The program fosters critical and analytical thinking while boosting their creativity & help develop children into unique problem solvers.

The practical approach of OBotz encourages children to design, implement techniques & the necessary tools as they creatively building projects. We turn their STEM learning into a fun activity which keeps them involved & prepared to face challenges. The entire process is designed to develop enhanced cognitive abilities that allow the young children to steps outside the box as they think and progress in learning.

OBotz transforms critical thinking & how a young mind works

  • OBotz program encourages the application of scientific evolutions

  • The program promotes creativity based on STEM & cultivates the inner curiosity as they embrace machine learning

  • The levels’ evolution develops an inclination for leadership & innovation

  • OBotz launches children into programming skills seamlessly paving their success path for future technologies

  • It decomposes the complex concept of robotics in a simple & effective funfilled learning way