Dear Galaxy Toppers Family

Galaxy Toppers happily invites all our students and families to join us this Family Day 2018 Long Weekend as we gather to celebrate yet another year’s successful achievements and spearhead this New Year with more dedication and commitment.

Announcing: Galaxy Fest 2018 – Our 4th Annual Day Celebration!

Our Galaxy Toppers family has grown from its infant stage when we were only few members strong to this stage where we stand high. High up, amongst many and most well-known UCMAS Schools, not only within Scarborough area, not only within North York neighborhood, not only within Toronto, not even only within GTA, not only within Ontario, but overall Canada! All in just 4 years based on our quality of students’ performance and growth…

Date: Sunday Feb 18th 2018

Galaxy Toppers “GALAXY FEST 2018”

Venue: Fairview Library Theatre, North York
Annual Day Celebration Time: 1 PM to 4 PM
UCMAS Program Free Information Session: 4 PM to 5 PM

Our Success speaks not only about numbers. But our deep rooted engagement with our students, parents, teachers, volunteers, UCMAS Head Office, our IT Team, our Finance team, good will ambassadors and every single individual associated with our school. It’s time to look back at the past year, appreciate the accomplishments, learn valuable lessons and take leads from our journey, set vision and goals forward for 2018 and ace the space as we raise and continue the top trend as we reach the 5 year milestone next year!

Awards and Accomplishments

2017 was a year of continued upward trend. Our students amazed themselves and every one of us as they showcased their greater skills at School in Academics, in UCMAS Mental Math and Abacus Canadian National & International Competitions and overall, just becoming more conceptual and logical thinkers. We emerged with 4 Champions, 24 Trophies, 33 Merit Awards and raising us a step higher to a 4th best performing school in Canada.

This Annual Day, we will be awarding Championship and Runner-Up Trophy Awards to 44 of our most deserving performers in the 4th Annual Galaxy Toppers Internal UCMAS Abacus and Mental Math Competition 2017.

Each student put in their best throughout the year in completing the UCMAS Levels and Modules. Each of them who completed their levels will receive their level completion certificates to recognize their relentless pursuit to discover their genius within.

The International Grading Exam (IGE) 2017 certificates from Malaysian UCMAS Head Quarters will also be awarded for their performance living up to the international standards. This Family Day, each Galaxy Toppers family receives a reason to celebrate their unique spirit, working together for their child’s success! Come join the unique opportunity where we are not only awarding the success but to unleash the cultural performances, display of our students’ musical, dance and performance talents.