O’BOTZ – January New Batches Starting Jan 15, 2019, and Jan 16, 2019.

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Robotics Program for Children 8 -16 yrs

O’Botz is an advanced multi-disciplinary Robotics program that is a specially designed curriculum to teach young kids about Robotics. This program allows young children to explore nuances of technologies in the domains of STEM including Electronics, Mechanics, Programming, and Algorithms.

O’Botz is an elaborate and expansive 7 level program that covers basic Electronic circuits and leads up to Walking Robots. In this course, each student will get their own take-away kit and a textbook in each level. The students are expected to pass a qualitative exam after each level and are awarded certificates as they ace each level. O’Botz ensures this unique skill development course will not develop children’s scientific skills but also enhances their creative and leadership skills.

  • Proficiency in Math
  • Self-motivated workers
  • Resourceful
  • Active life-time learners
  • Team workers
  • Problem-solvers