UCMAS Program has helped my kid in many ways. This helped her gain interest in solving puzzles, accepting challenges (friendly ones) for sure. Before joining UCMAS she had always had problem finishing her work on time. But now UCMAS has changed it completely. She puts timeline for all activities & tries to finish it accordingly. I have nothing more to say than a big THANK YOU, UCMAS.

I would like to Thank UCMAS (Ellesmere & Victoria Park) center for their excellent dedication & commitment in making this program as success. Starting from the Center Director to the teaching staff, everyone pays attention to the minute details of the ups & downs of the kids. This helps the students to garner interest in scaling new heights. It is my pleasure to send my kid to this location & am happy that I am able to bring in my friends’ kids as well. Last but not least, the point system introduced and explained here has helped me using the same at my home for my kids. Kudos to this excellent team here at Galaxy Toppers.
Subramanyan Sivaramakrishnan Father of Yukta Subramanyan


  • I think that UCMAS gets you confident and improves your memory. Our teachers at Galaxy Toppers always are confident in us and encourages us on everything. Honestly UCMAS is great to sign up especially for kids who are lazy and stay home to play video games and Galaxy Toppers is my best bet
  • I love UCMAS because they can do fun things and even more interesting as it helps develop right brain!
    Sai Thulasi
  • Educational, Helpful, Interesting! UCMAS is very educational and helpful. We always learn new formulas. Teachers at Galaxy Toppers are very nice and patient. It helps a lot to train your mind and have better memory
  • I feel good because I improved a lot. I feel good to go the competition and good learning Math
  • I like UCMAS because it helps me a lot. Last year when I did not know Abacus, I had B and B+. But after I started learning UCMAS, I started getting A and A+. And there are many different activities. My favorite is speed writing because it helps my speed in school. I like UCMAS a lot
  • The program helps in Mental Math so you can add, subtract, multiply and divide very fast without the use of a calculator. The environment of UCMAS and Galaxy Toppers is very friendly and nice. The program also has fun activities like speed writing, listening sums and the yearly competition. Overall I like UCMAS and its benefits of Mental Math
  • I love UCMAS because the teachers are kind and Math is the greatest! So I will support my UCMAS School Galaxy Toppers the best I can
    Mohammed Al Muqshith Shifan
  • My favorite part about UCMAS is the competition paper because I can concentrate and get more accuracy while having fun
  • I like UCMAS because the teachers are very good and they teach us Math! I feel happy when I am in UCMAS class. Speed Writing is my favorite exercise in UCMAS