English Writing Strategy(EWS) program offered at Galaxy Toppers is aligned with the Strategic Instruction Model (SIM) that has been developed by the ‘Center for Research on Learning’ of Kansas University. This program is based on SIM’s research-validated model of instruction that helps students achieve measurable results by developing the inherent language learning capability of children.

The program is offered currently under 3 Modules – Fundamentals of Sentence Writing, Proficiency in Sentence Writing and Paraphrasing / Paragraphing. These 3 modules are designed to develop the core strategies in the English Language – Writing. The program will aid to address the gap between what the academic expectations are and what students are capable to deliver. The written content enhancement routine taught through these 3 modules develops the student’s thought process and presentation skills in an age relevant reader-friendly and expectation-equivalent or higher format.

EWS teaches students different strategies, tactics and skills. These can be applied and utilized to gain knowledge from texts in an efficient manner, to perform better on the academic and provincial grading exams or tests, to express more clearly in written form, to present reports and assignments in more efficient manner. This program also improves their vocabulary, choice of writing format and focus on spelling, enabling students to deal with their learning process more efficiently and effectively.