Abacus and Mental Math

UCMAS Mental Math program is an Abacus based whole brain development program for children between the ages of 4-13. It leads to increased Concentration, Observation, Memory, Imagination and Creativity (COMIC) in kids. It results in supremacy with Judgement, Application, Reasoning and Self Confidence (JARS)

Educational Therapy

Educational Therapy is a one on one individualized and intensive intervention program. It is offered for children who are identified to have a learning disability, dyslexia, mild autism, ADHD, and help them overcome their learning struggle and make them more independent learners.


English Writing Strategy

English Writing Strategy is 3 Module program that focusses on improving English Writing skills for Children. The program teaches different strategies and provides instruction on how to write a variety of sentences, and necessary skills for more technical, advanced writing. This program developed by Kansas University has been proven to be effective in improving the grades and levels of children in English Writing

Galaxy Toppers – UCMAS School

UCMAS Mental Math School and Children’s Educational Therapy Center.

Galaxy Toppers Educational Coaching Center is a private school facility which renders child and skill development after school programs. We are dedicated to the overall development and growth of children through various programs partnering with major stalwarts for Children’s brain growth, discovering the hidden potential in each of them and skill building. Our range of services in the education field include UCMAS Mental Math Program, Educational Therapy for Children with Learning challenges, Age based Skills Development.

What is UCMAS

Welcome to Galaxy Toppers, a UCMAS Mental Math School. We at Galaxy Toppers offer the UCMAS Mental Math Program for Children between the ages of 4 to 13 years old. UCMAS is a Whole Brain Development program for Children which uses the mental math skills and abacus techniques as a tool to enhance the various functional aspects of the brain.
Using the UCMAS brain boosting techniques, we try to trigger the right part of the brain of the child. As a result, over the time, the child develops memory, focus, concentration and other advance skills like problem solving and multi-tasking too.

Free UCMAS Information Session Conducted On 18th November 2017.

Galaxy Toppers – UCMAS Mental Math School in Toronto, conducted a Free UCMAS Information Session inviting new families at the Ellesmere Community Center on Saturday, 18th November 2017. Readmore..

UCMAS International Grading Exam Results for 2016 announced – 100% Students have achieved success in the UCMAS IGE Abacus and Mental Math Exams conducted.

Parents Testimonials

  • UCMAS Program has helped my kid in many ways. This helped her gain interest in solving puzzles, accepting challenges (friendly ones) for sure. Before joining UCMAS she had always had problem finishing her work on time. But now UCMAS has changed it completely. She puts timeline for all activities & tries to finish it accordingly. I have nothing more to say than a big THANK YOU, UCMAS.

    I would like to Thank UCMAS (Ellesmere & Victoria Park) center for their excellent dedication & commitment in making this program as success. Starting from the Center Director to the teaching staff, everyone pays attention to the minute details of the ups & downs of the kids. This helps the students to garner interest in scaling new heights. It is my pleasure to send my kid to this location & am happy that I am able to bring in my friends’ kids as well. Last but not least, the point system introduced and explained here has helped me using the same at my home for my kids. Kudos to this excellent team here at Galaxy Toppers.

    Subramanyan Sivaramakrishnan Father of Yukta Subramanyan

Course Instructor Awards
A teacher is a backbone to the success of a child. Having a dedicated team of Teachers, Galaxy Toppers is happy to announce the two Course Instructors who were felicitated this year by UCMAS Canada – Lavanya Lakshmi Tadepalli (Ms. L) and Rubitha Paramathas (Ms. Ruby). Read more..

Galaxy Toppers Excellence Awards
This year, Galaxy Toppers moved a step ahead in the 2017 National Competition Performance and won the 3rd Runner-Up Award across all 75 Schools offering UCMAS Mental Math Program in North America. Read more..

UCMAS And Educational Therapy school Toronto!

Make your child a genius. Enroll your child at Galaxy Toppers and uncover the genius within your child. What makes them genius? It is UCMAS. Of course, with guidance by our professional staff. We use UCMAS, a child development program to help children become genius. This program is based on Mental Math and the Abacus to boost brainpower of children. Children must be between 4 and 13 years old. The program develop and strengthens the following in children.

Admission For Education Therapy - 2017

avail ‘Early Bird discounts’ apply for registrations on or before October 5th .. Read More…

Free UCMAS info session

UCMAS Summer Camp 2018

New exciting adventurous Summer Camp on its way ..

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