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Galaxy Toppers – UCMAS School

UCMAS Mental Math School and Children’s Educational Therapy Center.

Galaxy Toppers Educational Coaching Center is a private school facility which renders child and skill development after school programs. We are dedicated to the overall development and growth of children through various programs partnering with major stalwarts for Children’s brain growth, discovering the hidden potential in each of them and skill building. Our range of services in the education field include UCMAS Mental Math Program, Educational Therapy for Children with Learning challenges, Age based Skills Development.

What is UCMAS

Welcome to Galaxy Toppers, a UCMAS Mental Math School. We at Galaxy Toppers offer the UCMAS Mental Math Program for Children between the ages of 4 to 13 years old. UCMAS is a Whole Brain Development program for Children which uses the mental math skills and abacus techniques as a tool to enhance the various functional aspects of the brain.
Using the UCMAS brain boosting techniques, we try to trigger the right part of the brain of the child. As a result, over the time, the child develops memory, focus, concentration and other advance skills like problem solving and multi-tasking too.

Exciting Back to School Offers is back at Galaxy Toppers

UCMAS International Grading Exam Results for 2016 announced – 100% Students have achieved success in the UCMAS IGE Abacus and Mental Math Exams conducted.

UCMAS – Skill Building Academy

From 2017, Galaxy Toppers offers skills building workshops and camps for children

UCMAS Mental Math

UCMAS is a scientific and time tested children’s Abacus and Mental Math program geared to their overall Brain Development.

Educational Therapy

Learning happens in different ways. Every parent hopes to see their child learn the best ways to cope up with the life’s challenges and prosper without any hindrance.

Skill Development Academy

As children grow, there are multiple age wise milestones we knowingly or unknowingly track in them. These may be purely academic at times.
UCMAS And Educational Therapy school Toronto!
Make your child a genius. Enroll your child at Galaxy Toppers and uncover the genius within your child. What makes them genius? It is UCMAS. Of course, with guidance by our professional staff. We use UCMAS, a child development program to help children become genius. This program is based on Mental Math and the Abacus to boost brainpower of children. Children must be between 4 and 13 years old. The program develop and strengthens the following in children
Professional and Trained Teachers & Instructors
Customized Lesson Plans
Time Tested Curriculum
Small Class Sizes
Learning with Fun & Excitement
Trusted Performance Inspiring Students
Excellent Customer-Care for students
The Teachers, Management and Staff at Galaxy Toppers Educational Coaching Services are united in their belief that all children:
Have the power to learn
Are curious & creative
Can succeed
Children as young as 4 years old can be trained to perform mental math

Children from 4 years to 13 years old can start at Galaxy Toppers

Children with Special Needs in Student Community – Autists, ADHD, Speech Delay, Lack of Expression, Personality Development issues, Languages, behavioural issues

Back To School Registrations

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Admission For Education Therapy - 2017

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UCMAS Summer Camp 2017

Stop The Summer Slide

Children experience loss of academic skills & knowledge during long summer holidays. Read more..